Creating a legacy of your own

True Media Foundation offers you, the contributor, the rare opportunity to become a visible part of the productions you help fund. Through the medium of television and other avenues of visual mass communication, your name is permanently attached to programming that has not only social relevance, but also historical significance. Projects produced by TMF are designed to spotlight issues and concerns that are often overlooked, yet just as much a part of our heritage and shared future as the subjects shown in more mainstream programming. Like the signature on a painting in a museum, your name in a television program or film’s credits will forever be associated with something of artistic value and everlasting truth. 

Dedicated Contributions 

A synergy of donor, non-profit, mentor and final product. The idea is simple: a perfect whole is equal to the sum of its parts. TMF invites and encourages the participation of any persons or organizations sharing enthusiasm for our projects. Together, our efforts will be stronger and more meaningful than our individual ones. 

Individual Participation 

If you have a personal passion that you would like to see come to life, your contribution will help get your project produced. TMF will create a team of young individuals and oversee all production aspects to guarantee a professional quality product. The final will make you feel proud and TMF will make sure it will be seen. Your name will have an executive credit and be a forever-lasting contribution to the production of “Media that Matters.” 

True Media Productions

 All TMF productions are available for corporate or individual contributions and underwriting sponsorships. 
Simply tell us where we can direct your funds. 

The continued success of our programs depends on contributions from people like you. TMF is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, incorporated in the state of Colorado (Federal tax identification number: 12-1452466). Cash gifts are fully tax-deductible. 

Please send your gifts to: 

True Media Foundation, Inc. 
12644 Hwy 82 
Carbondale, CO 81623 

For more information on contributing or structuring a gift to support or underwrite a TMF project or event. 

Contact TMF at 970-963-1115
or e-mail us at Thank you!